The temperature is heating up, and that means your air conditioning system will be working harder to keep the house cool. While the systems are normally effective at creating a comfortable environment, an unexpected breakdown can make your house sweltering. By focusing on a few HVAC maintenance tips, however, you lower the chances of dealing with inconvenient AC repairs this summer.

How to Avoid Unnecessary AC Repairs

1. Check & Replace Filters

Clogged filters make your system work harder to maintain a comfortable environment. This increased stress can lead to breakdowns when you least expect them. During periods of almost-constant HVAC use—like summer—replace the filters every 30 days to keep your system running efficiently and reduce the allergens in your home.

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

hvac servicesSometimes, HVAC maintenance means upgrading your current equipment. Keeping the thermostat at the same temperature every day isn’t energy efficient, and it puts more stress on the unit than necessary. A programmable thermostat will cool your home only when needed, and it allows the system to rest when no one is in the home or when the weather is a bit cooler.

3. Keep the Exterior Unit Clean

An exterior HVAC unit that’s surrounded by foliage or covered in debris has to work much harder to intake air. To ensure the unit has access to appropriate airflow, clean it regularly and trim back plant life to maintain between two and four feet of space around the unit. Additionally, clean out grass clippings after mowing the lawn, and check the unit for sticks and other debris after a storm.


Even when you follow these HVAC maintenance tips, you can still run into unexpected issues during the summer. If that happens, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating in Mount Vernon, OH, will keep you cool. Since 1998, this dealer of Armstrong Air® products has provided the best in heating and cooling repairs and installations in addition to plumbing services, including water heater repairs. Visit their website to learn more about the full range of services, and call (740) 392-5667 to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment.