As a parent, you may already be bracing yourself for the notion that “they grow up fast,” which means every day counts when it comes to early childhood learning. If you’re hoping to advance your child’s education, even when they’re not in school, you’ll need to dedicate some of your own time to teaching. Use these three tips to ensure your son or daughter stays on track.

3 Ways to Encourage Early Childhood Learning at Home

1. Use Everyday Activities as Learning Opportunities

Not every learning experience needs to be behind a desk or in front of a book—in fact, your child might learn more by engaging in seemingly ordinary activities. As you put away the groceries, talk about where they came from. Group all the items that came from a farm, and separate those that were made in factories. As you clean up your child’s toys, ask them to count how many dinosaurs or dolls they put away.

2. Conduct Simple Science Experiments

early childhoodWhile younger children might not yet be ready to study chemical reactions, they can be exposed to other scientific topics with some playful, simple experiments. Fill glass cups with different levels of water, and teach your child how to make sounds by circling the rims. You can also deliver secret messages using a pair of cans while in a pillow fort, describing how the sound waves move along the string. Your child will be mesmerized by what you’ve shown them, which will tempt them to keep asking questions and experimenting.

3. Use Technology as an Educational Tool

When you need something to keep your child entertained as you finish dinner or take a shower, you may be reluctant to foster a screen habit. However, technology can be a tool for early childhood learning. Download educational apps on your child’s tablet, such as BrainPOP Jr.® Movie of the Week, or Quick Math Jr. This way, even if you need an hour to catch up on your to-do list, your child will still be absorbing new information and strengthening their skills.


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