2020 has been a year of sudden changes and unique challenges. From the COVID-19 pandemic to racial unrest and large-scale protests, children may find these times especially confusing. Fortunately, there are ways to talk to your kids about these difficult topics and put them at ease. Here are a handful of tips on how to broach uncomfortable subjects during early childhood.

How to Talk About Challenging Subjects With Children

1. Stay Calm

Children tend to absorb the emotions and stress of the adults in their lives, so stay calm when talking about topics like COVID-19, school closures, and protests. Take deep breaths, use a gentle tone, and take your time to explain these subjects in a way that'll show everything will be okay.

2. Tell the Truth

early childhoodIt's best not to lie to children, as you may lose their trust if they wind up learning the truth through peers or other adults. Rather than sugarcoating something or pretending to have answers when you don't, it's okay to admit that you're also uncomfortable and don't necessarily know what's going to happen. In the meantime, reassure your little one that they're safe.

3. Listen Compassionately

Children will likely have questions about scary and confusing subjects, so act as a compassionate sounding board. Answer questions to the best of your ability, but don't be afraid to say you don't have all the answers. Do follow-up research to questions you can't answer and provide your kids with any new information that comes up.

4. Keep It Kid-Friendly

While being truthful is essential, you should also keep the conversation light and use language kids can understand. For instance, when talking about COVID-19, explain that there's an illness that makes people very sick, which is why washing hands and staying away from friends is a good idea for now.


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