Many parents mistake preschool for a childcare program, but it's much more than a place for your young one to spend time and have fun during the day. Pre-K programs teach kids some essential skills that serve as strong foundations for their early childhood learning. As you look around different programs, make sure your child gets the best experience possible by choosing one that teaches these skills.

What Your Children Should Learn in Preschool

1. Fine Motor Control

Fine motor skills involve learning how to use hands and fingers to manipulate items. Your preschooler will practice cutting with child-size scissors, drawing with crayons, applying beads to strings, and other similar crafts to learn how to use their hands. This will help when they're ready to start writing and will build healthy muscles and bones for life.

2. Listening

pre-k programsListening skills are necessary for school, and you'll find that mastering them helps at home too. In their pre-K program, your child will practice following multi-step directions, asking questions and listening for answers, and showing they're listening to the teacher with body language.

3. Math Basics

Activities in pre-K programs give young students ways to explore basic math concepts. This type of active learning helps them see and experience the ideas, so they're better able to understand and remember what they learn. They'll explore shapes with blocks or other items, sorting, naming, and making patterns out of them. They can also practice counting with materials and clapping.


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