Learning to read is one of the most important early childhood development skills because it helps children gain a better understanding of the world around them, develop empathy, and gain cognitive abilities. Most children learn this skill between four to seven years of age. If you’re eager to help your kid on their journey, here’s a guide on how to help them develop this crucial talent at home.

How to Help Your Child Learn to Read

1. Talk & Read to Them

When your little one is in early childhood development, it’s important to talk to them; this helps them become familiar with words and grow their vocabulary. Later, the skill will be useful for writing as well. Talk about what the child does, like sneezing or yawning, and about their family. This might feel a little silly at first, but it can really jumpstart your child’s speaking and reading journeys.

Research shows that it’s helpful to start reading to kids at nine months old. Books introduce a richer vocabulary, and it helps them learn to associate pictures with words.

early childhoodInstilling an interest in books makes children more likely to want to read them on their own. You can get a wide array of kids’ books from your local library. Let your child select their own books to get them even more interested.

2. Sing Nursery Rhymes

The rhyme and rhythm of nursery rhymes help children learn how to sound out words and identify the similarities between them. Singing is also a fun way to incorporate new language and bond during their early childhood. Recite the rhymes in unison and clap with your child to keep them engaged.

3. Have Them Tell a Story

Storytelling is an important part of reading and asking your child to tell you a story can help them learn to identify words. They can make up a story about their day or their family.

It will probably be pretty rudimentary at first, and that’s okay. Write down what they say, then show them the paper and read it back to them. Associating writing with spoken language can really help.

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