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15 Burr Road, Westport, CT 06880

About Pumpkin Preschool of Westport

Early Learning Centers

Pumpkin Preschool Early Learning Centers have been providing an outstanding day care and preschool experience for children in Fairfield County for more than 30 years. They are committed to fostering nurturing relationships that support all children as they grow and build trust, preparing them to become lifelong learners. Their holistic philosophy seeks to foster all aspects of a child's development through discovery-based learning, a good balance of teacher and student-led activities, and age-appropriate curriculum.

These Early Learning Centers have programs for children aged six weeks to eight years old. At each level, children are cared for with gentle teacher guidance. As they develop critical thinking and communication skills and are encouraged to grow and build self-confidence each new accomplishment guarantees their success.

  • The Infant Program's safe and warm atmosphere centers on routine: Babies engage in sensory stimulating activities like singing, story time, music, tummy time, and exploration through movement. Caregivers tend to each child's needs while also helping them develop self-soothing skills.
  • The Toddler Program introduces new daily activities: During circle time children engage in a language rich curriculum, share stories and learn to follow directions. A busy day rich in art, music, dance, manipulates and puzzles keep children engaged. Toddlers use their large motor skills outside as they run, jump, slide, and bounce balls in two of their four playgrounds.
  • The Three's Program teaches key preschool concepts: Children become familiar with problem solving and conflict resolution. Topics like the weather and days of the week are discussed during circle time. Lessons of both Spanish and French are offered. Dramatic play, arts and dance deepen each child’s social skills and self-awareness. Learning concepts like, shape, color and letter recognition is done daily.
  • The Pre-Kindergarten Program is a Kindergarten Readiness Program: From computer time to puzzles to building literacy skills focused on phonetic awareness, this pre-K program challenges four-and five year-olds in a developmentally appropriate manner. Communication skills are taught through various types of play, and Math, Science, letter formation and technology round out the day. Children have a good balance of free time indoors and out.
  • The School Age Program is available for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade: Holidays, summer and vacation times are available. School age children are supported through homework guidance and activities.

With high standards in teacher qualifications, health and safety, Pumpkin Preschool Early Learning Centers are recognized as TLC Centers by the OEC and offer the best in day care and early childhood education. Visit them online to learn more or call 1 (800) DAYCARE (329-2273) to schedule a visit in Fairfield, Westport or Shelton.



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