Whether you're renovating your current home or building a new one from scratch, it's important to carefully plan the design of your outdoor areas for enhanced comfort and functionality. For example, adding an outdoor shower can improve your outside living spaces in a variety of ways. Not only are there a wide range of styles and fittings to choose from, but many can be designed to fit perfectly in any desired outdoor area. Here are a few reasons to add an outdoor shower to your property during a renovation.

3 Reasons Your Home Could Use an Outdoor Shower

1. Pool Cleanup 


If your home has a pool in the yard, it might be common for family members, guests, and even pets to run through the house when they get out of the water to get to a nearby shower. While a few small puddles are usually easy to clean, having an outdoor shower can help save the floors and furniture from larger, more damaging chlorine splashes. After a day out in the backyard pool, everyone can rinse off and then dry off quickly and easily before they come inside. 

2. Pet Care

Your pets might enjoy getting into the dirt or mud in the backyard, especially on rainy days. However, afterward, they may track the mud, dirt, and bacteria into your home, damaging your flooring and furniture. Luckily, having an outdoor shower installed will give you somewhere to tidy up muddy paws or properly bathe your pets before they can bring contaminants into the home. Additionally, if the household furry friends usually get baths inside, switching to an outdoor unit will also save the rest of the house from getting too wet during the process.

3. Beachy Feel

Especially during the summer, your family may be longing for a tropical getaway. Fortunately, even if your home isn't near the ocean, adding an outdoor shower can create a beach vibe that the whole family can enjoy. Rinsing off under the open sky can be a truly unique and relaxing experience for both kids and adults. While it's still practical, it can also be a luxurious renovation that turns every day into vacation mode.


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