Making funeral arrangements for a loved one can be an overwhelming task. One essential is to write the funeral invitations to make sure that everyone who knew and loved the person who passed can come to the funeral and pay their respects. When you send them out, it’s important to make sure that you don’t miss any crucial information so that it’s easy for everyone to know when and where the proceedings will take place. Keep reading to learn how to write funeral invitations. 

A Guide to Funeral Invitations

1. Provide All the Information

Write the invitations after planning all the details for the funeral and visitation. That way, you can ensure that you can provide all the information. Make sure to share who the funeral is for and where and when it will take place. Tell people where they can send flowers or contributions, or state that there's no need to send them. 

2. Mention Any Connected Events

funeral arrangements

If you are planning any other events in connection with the funeral, such as a wake, make sure to include this in the funeral invitation. It will be easier for people to plan to be there when they can see all the events in one place. In addition, if you are planning to offer food or drinks, let people know that they can expect it. 

3. Other Things You Can Include

Often, the funeral invitation only needs the practical details. However, some people choose to add a verse or poem that resonates with the family or close friends. You may want to consider asking people to RSVP so that you know how many to expect, especially if you will be serving refreshments.


If you are looking for support in planning funeral arrangements, reach out to Cornwell Funeral Home in Dardanelle, AR. Their team has served local community members and their families for more than a century. The staff provides a variety of grief resources to help families and individuals through their loss. Call (479) 229-2524 to speak with a team member, or visit them online to learn more about their funeral arrangement services.