When your home relies on a septic tank for wastewater removal, maintaining this system is essential to a functioning household. While septic tank pumping may already be on your calendar, it's important to think about the drain field or the trenches, gravel, and soil designed to help remove impurities as well. With this in mind, here's a list of common drain field repairs so you know what to do when problems arise. 

A Guide to Common Drain Field Repairs 

1. Heavy Rains

During rainy seasons, your drain field can easily flood. This oversaturation of moisture can negatively impact the functionality of the field because your septic tank won't be able to release partially treated wastewater from within the system. As a result of flooding, you may notice slow drains, slow toilets, and even backflow into your home. Drain field repairs may include reducing water usage inside your home until rainwater subsides and septic tank pumping once the ground dries again. 

2. Compacted Soil

drain field repairs

Knowing the location of the drain field will help you avoid parking or storing heavy equipment directly above it. The weight will compact the soil, making the area less permeable and, in turn, less effective in filtering the wastewater impurities. When soil becomes impacted, you may need to aerate or fracture the ground to enhance permeability and add fresh soil for balance.

3. Sludge Buildup

Heavy usage of the plumbing system, which includes putting grease, food scraps, kitty litter, cigarette butts, and other foreign materials into the septic tank, can lead to sludge buildup that overloads the system and makes it difficult for the natural drain field process to work in a timely manner. Repairs can include septic pumping and pipe repair if clogs have led to damage.

4. Invading Tree Roots

A drain field is naturally full of nutrients that plants crave in addition to water. As such, trees on your property can start to grow closer to the field, and, over time, invading tree roots could make their way into this region, hindering your system as a whole. To prevent this issue, the plumber may recommend installing root barriers. Removing trees or spraying root-killing chemicals can also curb the problem. When roots get too close, professional tree removal and pipe repairs may be needed.


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