Dog bathing and grooming help keep your pup and your home free of excess hair and dirt, but the benefits can be ruined if your furry friend becomes a mess as soon as they step outside. Trying to keep your pup clean between trips to the groomer may seem impossible, but a few simple steps can help you stay on top of their hygiene. Below are several tips for keeping your canine clean until their next bath.

How to Maintain Your Pup’s Coat

1. Practice At-Home Grooming

Maintain grooming habits at home with daily brushings. Grooming will prevent mats and tangles in fur that trap dirt and debris. It also assists with shedding and keeps their coat looking clean and healthy. 

2. Use Pet Wipes

dog bathing

Invest in wet wipes designed specifically for pets. Available in scents like oatmeal, they’re made with gentle ingredients that offer a mild clean. They can be used daily to control dirt levels in fur, or they can be used as needed to wash away mud easily. Many pet owners use these products to wipe their furry friend's paws after a trip outside.

3. Have Freshening Solutions Ready

When your four-legged friend doesn't need to be wiped down, you can make or buy products to freshen their coat. For a simple deodorizer, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on their fur and then brush it out. 

To add shine and a fresh scent, boil lemon slices in water, let the mixture cool and soak overnight, and pour it into a spray bottle. You can lightly mist their coat and give them a quick brushing when it’s dry. Lemon water also helps kill fleas, but be aware that it can lighten fur color slightly. 

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