Tree removal offers many more advantages than clearing an area for a new build. This service is beneficial for the other trees in the yard and can improve your home value. Below are a few reasons to hire an arborist to clear out excess trees in your yard.

Why Should You Consider Tree Removal?

1. Addressing Disease

Many diseases can kill a tree. For example, thousand cankers disease occurs when walnut twig beetles burrow into the bark of black walnut trees. Then, a fungus grows into the core, preventing nutrients from reaching the tree, eventually killing it. Without tree removal, the disease can spread and kill every walnut species in the yard.

2. Preventing Roof Damage

When branches overhang the roof, you risk them falling on the home and penetrating the roof during a storm. Plus, water and insects may travel along the branches and onto the house, causing moisture problems in the attic or bug infestations. If a tree canopy is mainly over a home, consider tree removal to prevent it from damaging the house or inviting water and pest issues.

3. Storm Cleanup 

tree removalAfter a severe storm, you may need tree removal experts to address the debris. Hail and high winds can penetrate the bark and remove branches.

Significant damage may leave wounds that are too significant to heal and can make the tree vulnerable to infestation. A tree removal team will cut up and dispose of uprooted trees and then haul them off-site. They may also grind stumps, so you don’t invite a termite colony to the yard.

4. Avoid Harming the Landscaping 

If you decide to take out a tree, you may accidentally harm the landscaping while trying to cut branches and remove the trunk. Avoid causing costly damage like smashing flowers or breaking branches off of healthy trees by hiring an arborist to address this task. They’ll come with the equipment and experience to remove the tree without damaging the property.


Homeowners interested in these benefits should contact Schade’s Tree Service in Cuyahoga County, OH, for a free estimate. The experienced team has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau® thanks to their expertise and excellent customer service. Call the North Royalton-area company at (440) 882-3838 or visit the website for information on their services like pruning, trimming, stump grinding, and crane operation.