Many factors affect a tree’s soundness and stability, such as pests, disease, age, or adverse weather conditions. When it appears to have lost strength and become compromised, it’s crucial to call for tree removal before it becomes a safety hazard to you and others. Be aware of the red flags below as they are signs that it’s time to contact a professional.

When Should Trees Be Removed?

1. Decaying Roots

The root system is vital to a tree’s health and stability, so when it exhibits signs of decay or damage, it’s only a matter of time before the tree dies and collapses. Weakened or infected roots tend to lose their ability to keep the tree upright and anchored to the ground. Have a specialist examine some of the exposed roots, as you may need tree removal ASAP.

2. Dead Branches

Another telltale sign of an unhealthy tree is the presence of dead branches in its canopy. Shedding limbs is a way for sickly trees to survive by getting rid of whatever is unnecessary in their anatomy. However, falling branches—especially larger, heavier ones—can put people below them in imminent danger and your property at risk for damage.

3. Unhealthy Trunk

Trees need to have sturdy, healthy trunks to remain stable, which is why you need to check their condition. Cracks and cavities on the torso are indicators that the tree is on its last legs and has a compromised structural integrity.

Apart from signs of decay, check the bark’s health using the scratch test. Strip away the bark to see the flesh color underneath. If it’s green, the tree is alive. However, if it’s sick and dying, the flesh will be varying shades of brown and black. Do the test in several spots to confirm suspicions and look out for fungal growth or odd bumps on the trunk.  

4. No Leaves or Buds

tree removal Royalton, OHIt’s normal for trees to lose their leaves, particularly when going dormant for the season. However, if it happens earlier than usual, the tree likely has a disease or illness. Pay attention to the appearance of fallen leaves and see if they look discolored, lack veins, or have peculiar nodules. When your tree lacks buds or looks bald without new leaves, it’s dying.

5. Intrusive or Damaging Trees

Take a good look at your tree and determine if it is leaning against your home, brushing against utility lines, or creeping towards your sewer pipes or foundation. When any of those situations apply to you, consider tree removal, even if the tree is still healthy. If the roots or limbs interfere with any of these areas, they are at risk of compromising the safety of your property.


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