There are many reasons to schedule tree removal. You may have a tree on your property with severe damage or disease, a sizable tree with a root system impeding underground utilities or septic tanks. The below guide explains what you can expect during the tree removal process so that you can have the best results. 

Preparing for Tree Removal

Your tree specialists will cut and clear trees on your property using heavy equipment. Make sure they have enough room for their trucks and machinery by moving your vehicles elsewhere. This will prevent damage from falling debris during the removal process. If your yard has toys, outdoor furniture, and lawn care equipment scattered around, relocate them to a safe place. 

What to Expect During the Process

Tree RemovalTree removal is more complex than many people imagine. This is especially true when a tree is close to your home or power lines. In this case, the crew will carefully remove branches and different areas of the tree before cutting it down. There may also be different crews for the various aspects of removal, such as pruning, cutting, and stump grinding. While it might be helpful to be home during the process, it’s not always necessary. 

Cleanup & Other Considerations

After removing the tree, stump grinding is usually necessary. A tree stump can affect your usage of your yard and pose a tripping hazard to kids. It also provides a source of food for pests, such as termites. Stump grinding breaks down the remaining wood, which you can use for mulch in your lawn and garden. Tree specialists will also dispose of any debris from removal, including leaves, branches, and other twigs.


Working with a reliable tree company is crucial for an efficient removal process. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau® and more than 15 years of experience, Schades Tree Service can help in North Royalton, OH. Along with tree removal and stump grinding, they can also help you maintain your trees through pruning and trimming. They offer 24/7 emergency service when trees pose a risk to you and others. Call (440) 882-3838 to schedule assistance. Visit them online to see a full list of services.