Trees beautify your lawn, offer shade against the sun, and provide a barrier against the wind. Regular tree trimming eliminates wayward branches and keeps your yard looking tidy. Annual pruning also has practical benefits. Find out what they are below.

What Are Some Benefits of Tree Pruning?

1. Keep Trees Healthy

Pests may infest trees, causing destruction. Eastern tent caterpillars and aphids destroy the foliage by eating leaves, for example. Trees can also develop infections. The American chestnut population was largely decimated due to chestnut blight, for instance. By cutting away parts of the tree infected by pests or diseases, pruning prevents infestations from spreading and keeps trees healthy.

2. Maintain Your Safety 

Weak, dead, or diseased tree branches are more likely to fall due to the weight of ice and snow. Even a hearty gust of wind can bring down a dying branch. Such falling debris can hurt your home or car, or even a person. Hazard trimming brings dead or dying growth down safely, without harming property or people.

3. Promote Tree Growth

tree trimmingWhen trees have a lot of branches, those on top get all the sun while those down below are left in the shade. The lack of sun exposure impedes growth and leaves the lower branches weaker and more exposed to pests and disease. Standard pruning can thin out upper layers and enhance the overall branch structure, providing more balance.

4. Improve a Fruit Crop

If you have fruit trees in your yard, pruning will improve the quantity and quality of your crop. Have tree trimming done in late winter. The aim is to expose the center of the tree to more sun, allowing for better light penetration and improved oxygen circulation. This also ensures that soil underneath the tree gets damp when it rains and the roots get the water they need.


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