Whether you have a tree stump that is an eyesore or you’re tired of tripping over trunk remnants, stump grinding may be the solution you’re looking for. Tree stumps are not only unsightly, but they can also make it difficult to complete yard work, like mowing. They are also dangerous for small children or older adults with balance issues. If you’re ready to get rid of this blemish in your yard, consider the following benefits of stump grinding.

What Are the Advantages of Stump Grinding?

1. Improves Yard Appearance

Stump grinding is the process of shaving down a stump until it’s completely gone, leaving behind only sawdust. Because this residue is lightweight and more easily moved, grinding the piece will give you back an unblemished yard. Not only does this boost the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, but it also makes it easier to complete landscaping projects where the stump may have previously been in the way.

2. Prevents Accidents

stump grindingTree stumps become more unstable as they age, making them prone to breaking and splitting if a person is standing or playing on it. Even stumps that have started breaking down pose a tripping hazard if they’re not easily visible and hidden by tall grass and other vegetation. Grinding will completely remove any above-ground portion of the tree, making it safer for children and adults to spend time in the yard.

3. Deter Pests

Many common outdoor pests are attracted to dead wood, making a stump the perfect environment for them to live and grow. Beetles, carpenter ants, and termites all prefer rotting wood to build their nests and feed. This can cause an infestation in your yard. Stump grinding removes this temptation and deters these pests from making your yard their habitat.

4. Avoid Stump Sprouting

Stump sprouting is a natural process where plants regenerate from a dead tree or stump. When allowed to remain in your yard, you may begin to notice small trees sprouting up around the dead wood. Grinding completely removes the stump, keeping sprouting from occurring and leaving you with a tidier yard.


If you need stump grinding solutions to improve your yard, trust the team at Schades Tree Service in North Royalton, OH. For more than 15 years, these professionals have provided homeowners with the services they need to maintain their landscape, from full tree removal to trimming and grinding. Learn more about your options on their website, or call (440) 882-3838 to speak with a friendly representative.