Unfortunately, there are many ways pests can access your home. Some of the most common involve shrubs, plants, yard waste, or trees. Here are some ways that pests can make their way inside and how a tree service can help prevent them from entering.

4 Ways Pests Infiltrate Your Home

1. Use Branches to Access Your Roof

If you have tree branches that hang above your roof or even touch it, this can be a great avenue for pests of all kinds to enter your home. Even if your roof is new, ants and other insects can make their way in using tiny holes that you can’t see with your naked eye. If your roof is damaged, larger pests like roof rats who live in trees can find their way inside as well. It’s best to call a tree service to trim away the extra branches to keep your home safe.

2. Eat Stumps in Your Yard

tree serviceSeveral types of insects love to eat dead stumps. Ants are the most common, but you might also attract beetles and termites. Some of the colony might travel into your home to look for extra food, especially if they can’t find more outside. Tree services can grind down these stumps and remove them from your yard, so pests don’t nest there.

3. Live in Piles of Yard Waste

Damp and dark places are ideal for insects, and piles of yard waste you leave outside fit the bill. Yard waste provides food for the colony, including plant parts, fungi, and other insects. A tree service can remove this yard waste and get rid of bugs who live in it. You can also move garden or yard waste into your compost pile away from your home.

4. Enter Your Home Near Bushes

Just like trees can provide a way for bugs to enter through your roof, bushes and other plants next to your home can offer the same opportunity. Pests can find places to burrow into your walls and look for food in your home. You might not notice the holes in your home because they’re covered by foliage. Shrubs and bushes should be planted at least half of the distance of their mature spread from your home. For example, if your plant will grow to be 15 feet wide, you should plant your bush seven to eight inches away from your foundation.


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