Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic P.C. does not underestimate the value of a massage table. The right one allows patients to truly relax and reap the full benefits of massage or chiropractic therapy. To use no massage table at all can actually defeat the purpose of certain massages and relaxation techniques by creating additional stress. The massage table is an important invention, widening the scope of a chiropractor’s techniques.

Here are the three main benefits of using a massage table:

  • Avoid Stress: If you’ve ever gotten a massage on a floor, chair, or bed, and then had one at a proper massage table, you know firsthand how the former can actually stress you out even more. A massage table allows your chiropractor to ensure your comfort no matter which techniques they use.

  • massage tableProvide Versatility: Excellence In Health offers many types of massages, and each one can be adjusted via a massage table to accommodate for different patients. They can angle the patient upwards, downwards, or in another configuration, and they can be adjusted to the ideal height for the chiropractor. Massage tables also allow practitioners to access their patients without having to lean or stretch inconveniently.

  • Promote Relaxation: Massage is an incredibly effective treatment for many ailments, but it isn’t the only aspect of pain management. For example, certain breathing exercises help patients manage pain or stress. These wouldn’t be possible if you had to lie on the floor. On a massage table, with your face pointing downwards and your neck free from bending and straining, you can breathe freely. Practitioners may also guide their patients through stretches, which wouldn’t be comfortable or effective without a massage table.

Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic P.C. has excellent facilities, all-star specialists on staff, and comfortable massage tables. To set up an appointment at the Anchorage-based practice, call (907) 562-6325. For more information about their services, visit their website.