House demolition is a massive and messy project, but using roll-off containers will help you organize the waste removal. However, you must decide what type of container you need. To determine the answer, there are a few other questions to consider first. Below is more information about this process.

How Do You Choose a Size for a Roll-Off Container? 

The size of your house is significant in determining the size of the roll-off container you should use for demolition, but the type of debris also matters. First, use a simple equation to determine how much waste you can expect to create: 

Length x Width x S (number of stories) x 0.20 x VCM (vegetative cover multiplier, or yard waste) = Cubic yards of debris 

Generally, one ton of demolition debris is equal to two cubic yards. Use this number to decide how large the dumpster should measure. 

roll-off containerHowever, you must also keep in mind the debris you’ll be removing. Many houses are large enough to warrant a 40-yard container, which is not only useful for heavy materials, but also for large pieces that wouldn’t fit well anywhere else, such as window frames and house siding. High-density and low-volume debris, like concrete, bricks, lumber, and shingles, may only need 10- or 20-yard containers. This is due to their smaller size and significant weight. Because of this, you need a smaller container to transport them safely. 

What Else Should You Consider? 

The duration of your project could affect your dumpster use as well. For safe and efficient waste management, coordinate your schedule so that the roll-off containers arrive at the right time and the company removes or swap them out when necessary.

Additionally, have a waste management plan in place so that you don’t put anything in the dumpsters that they can’t legally hold. Generally, you cannot put electronics, appliances, tires, oil, paint, and many kinds of furniture inside roll-off containers, so if there are any of these items when you start your demolition project, make arrangements to dispose of them appropriately.


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