Whether you're clearing out a basement, doing yardwork, or planning a renovation project, roll-off container rentals are a convenient waste removal option. You can schedule your rental dumpster for drop-off and pickup when you need, and let the rental company worry about disposing of the trash. When you're planning to use a rental, keep these rules in mind.


Schedule in advance.

Some companies offer same-day rentals, but you can't be sure that they'll have dumpsters available in the correct size or that they can deliver them promptly. You should schedule at least a week ahead of time. This way, your provider can ensure there are no scheduling conflicts, and if they're busy, you can adjust the plans.

Choose the right size.

Dumpsters come in many sizes, each perfect for different projects. Cleaning out a basement, garage, or attic usually takes a container with about 10 cubic yards of space, while remodeling a large kitchen or bathroom can take up to 40 cubic yards. Remember that weight matters; if you're getting rid of something heavy like concrete, you cannot fill a large dumpster without exceeding weight limits. Also, keep your location in mind; if there's not enough room for a big unit, you may need more than one trip with a small one.


Overfill the container.

dumpsterFilling your container over the lip makes it likely that trash will spill, and you may receive additional charges. Everything in the dumpster must fit below the rim. If you're worried that you won't have enough space for everything you need to throw away, use a larger size, rather than cutting it close.

Dispose of hazardous materials.

Most dumpster rental companies have rules about what you can and can't dispose of to protect drivers and those who unload and sort the waste, as well as to comply with environmental laws. You can't throw out combustible or corrosive chemicals, including paint. You also can't put batteries, electronics, or large appliances inside because they have hazardous components. Toxic or dangerous materials like asbestos are also against the rules. Other building materials, yard waste, and furniture are generally allowed.


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