As a restaurant owner, you should always be thinking of ways to make your establishment more eco-friendly. Putting a waste management plan in place is one step to help protect the environment. That’s because food waste from restaurants ends up in landfills. The food releases methane gas as it rots, which contributes to global warming. Learn how to cut down on how much food your restaurant discards with the following advice. 

What Should You Add to Your Restaurant’s Waste Management Plan?

1. Stop Over-Purchasing Perishables  

When creating a purchase list, consider how much food is prepared during a typical lunch and dinner service. Make sure the purchase order is in line with how much business the restaurant receives. Over-purchasing fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and meats will create a surplus. This extra food will spoil and need to be put out for garbage collection before it’s used. Buying items that get thrown out is also a waste of money. 

2. Stock Inventory Based on Expiration Date

Columbia-Missouri-waste-managementWhen putting products in stockrooms and walk-in coolers, arrange items by expiration date. The foods that will expire first should be placed on shelves in front of the items that you have longer to use. This way, all of the food can be used before it spoils. 

3. Take Steps to Prevent Spoilage 

Storing food incorrectly can cause it to spoil before the expiration date. To help the inventory last longer, foods should be taken out of the original bags and boxes and placed in airtight containers. Refrigeration equipment should come equipped with thermometers so kitchen staff can monitor temperatures. To prevent temperature fluctuations, coolers and refrigerators shouldn’t be overloaded.  


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