Routine garbage collection helps commercial properties maintain a safe, clean environment conducive to business. Having your garbage picked up at timely intervals can keep your location looking and smelling fresh while also deterring pests. Here are some ways trash control also controls rodents and insects.

3 Ways Regular Garbage Collection Helps With Pest Control 

1. Eliminates Odors

Organic materials such as food waste can attract birds and rodents, including raccoons, mice, and possums. These animals may leave droppings and deter your customers. While this issue is especially likely to occur at restaurants and other locations where food is served, it can happen at other businesses, too. Employees often dispose of their lunch leftovers in office trash bins, for example.

Food waste can attract larger animals. Bears, for instance, can pick up the scent of food from over a mile away. To prevent potentially dangerous encounters and messy properties, be sure the lids on your receptacles are kept tightly shut at all times. And, stick to a schedule of frequent waste pickups.

2. Removes Natural Waste

garbage collection Columbia MOIn addition to food waste, construction garbage is also notorious for attracting pests. Trees, branches, and shrubbery from landscaping businesses can invite termites and other destructive insects. They’re also drawn to building waste, such as the scraps from construction sites. These insects are messy and could leave mud tunnels and wings around your headquarters if natural trash is left to sit.

3. Prevents Interior Infestations

A broad range of unpleasant species, including rats and cockroaches, can continue coming to overflowing trash as a food source. After a while, they may begin to try making their way inside for additional resources. If your garbage containers are located near your business interior, you could wind up with an indoor infestation. By having your garbage regularly emptied, you could prevent the need for fumigation or other business-disrupting pest services.


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