You may need physical therapy to recover from a sports injury, an auto accident, or a chronic disease. Attending these appointments is critical, but simply showing up won’t provide the most benefits. Here are four tips to make the most out of your PT.

4 Ways to Gain the Full Benefits of PT 

1. Write Everything Down

physical therapy Covington County ALIt’s easy to get overwhelmed by learning multiple exercises or stretches in one day. Don’t let that stop you from remembering every move.

Write down what you learn and how often to do it at home to keep up with physical therapy between appointments. Many therapists will send you home with a report of each session and may send videos to make it easy to understand how to prep for your next appointment.

2. Practice at Home

You’ll likely feel better and improve strength, flexibility, and mobility when regularly attending PT sessions. You’ll feel these results even faster and ensure they last longer by doing physical therapy at home. Ask the therapist for weekly assignments to keep up and meet your goals.

3. Ask Questions

Always ask questions to ensure you understand what PT moves to try and why they should be helpful. Don’t hesitate to call the office between sessions or email the staff about how to do an exercise or why it’s important.

4. Keep One Focus

Most patients attend physical therapy with one issue in mind, like an injured knee or back pain. You may experience other issues during treatment and be tempted to address these problems during the sessions. It’s best to focus on one item at a time to improve progress. If necessary, the physical therapist can schedule a different session to evaluate and focus on the new problem to provide quality care for both needs.


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