If you frequently use electronic devices, you might experience neck pain that many doctors call “tech neck.” This refers to chronic discomfort that occurs when you tilt your head forward for extended periods. While you don’t have to quit using the devices, you should take some steps to alleviate your pain in the future. Below are several strategies to try.

How to Minimize Neck Discomfort While Using Electronic Devices

1. Take Regular Breaks

Pain is more likely to develop when you remain in the same position for long periods. This is common if you work from home and have to sit in front of a computer for many hours. To avoid this, give yourself breaks throughout the day. Typically, you should take a short walk at least once or twice an hour to promote blood circulation and straighten your neck.

2. Elevate the Screen

neck painNo matter what type of device you use, make sure that it’s at eye level so that your head and neck don’t slope forward when you read the screen. If you’re watching a show or reading a book, use a holder to prop up the device for you.

When sitting at a desk, adjust the height of your chair so that you face the screen instead of looking down at it. If you cannot do this, consider investing in a stand for your computer monitor that swivels and has an adjustable height.

3. Use Appropriate Seating

The right type of chair can dramatically reduce tech neck pain. Choose a model that covers your entire back and features a headrest for additional support. Also, make sure the back doesn’t feel too hard or rigid. Your feet should always touch the ground, too, as this improves your overall posture. If possible, adjust the armrests so that you can relax your shoulders and neck easily when you are sitting down.

4. Stretch Your Neck

One of the most significant ways to reduce neck pain is to perform regular stretches throughout the day. One option is to tilt your head so that your ear touches your shoulder. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then switch to the other side.

Alternatively, you can stand up and gaze forward, then down for three seconds, then to the right and left respectively for the same amount of time. Repeat this cycle four times to move your neck and release tension.


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