If you have a septic system, there are certain items you should never put down the sink drain or toilet. Some materials can kill the good bacteria in the tank and cause clogs or other problems. The septic tank repair professionals at A1 Septic Cleaning Service in Harper, TX, explain why it’s a bad idea to drop certain things down the drain or toilet.

Septic Tank Repair Pros Explain 4 Items You Should Not Put Down the Drain

1. Coffee Grounds

Septic Tank RepairPlumbers often cite coffee grounds as a common cause of clogged drains as they can build up in your pipes and cause blockages. Instead, dispose of the organic matter in the trashcan or add them to your compost pile if you have one.

2. Cleaning Products

Traditional liquid cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like phosphates, antibacterials, and other hazardous surfactants that can harm the septic system. Drain cleaner, ammonia, and dish detergent can damage the water supply and your drain field. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products like vinegar or products designed for septic systems.

3. Grease & Oil

Cooked and melted oils from bacon, sausage, meats, salad dressing, and butter can all clog drains and block sewers. The oil buildup can congeal and cause sewer overflows and damage to pipes. To be safe, pour oil residue in an empty container and dispose of it in the trash.

4. Medication

Medications, such as aspirin, birth control pills, or anti-depressants, contain problematic chemicals that can enter the water system and cause contamination. If you no longer need your prescriptions, return it to your doctor or throw them in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet.


Keeping your septic system clean is essential to maintaining a safe water supply and protecting your tank. The professionals at A1 Septic Cleaning Service provide the highest quality septic tank repair and pump maintenance to residents throughout Gillespie County. To schedule an appointment, call (830) 928-5846 or visit the website for more information about their residential and commercial septic tank repair and cleaning services.