Transporting heavy machinery to your home or construction site can prove challenging without the proper truck to haul it. Fortunately, working with a heavy-haul trucking company will help you address any regulation challenges and provide you with a safe, hassle-free experience. To help you understand these benefits in more detail, here is a helpful guide to why you should hire professionals to take your equipment to and from the construction site.

Why You Should Hire a Heavy-Haul Trucking Company


heavy haul trucking companyBetween road hazards, bridges with weight limits, vehicle height clearances, and unpredictable weather conditions, transporting an oversized load is a risky undertaking. For the protection of your employees as well as that of your expensive equipment, it’s critical to work with a company who specializes in moving heavy machinery safely and securely. A professional heavy-haul trucking company knows the best transportation routes and will remain in control throughout changing road and weather conditions.

Proper Permits

Hauling heavy equipment requires specific trucking permits for shipments of unusual shapes, sizes, and weights, and each state has its own set of regulations to abide by. Working with a heavy-haul trucking company will ensure you have the appropriate permits so you’re not restricted by what or where you can transport.

Proper Insurance

In addition to the proper permits, you’ll also need to secure insurance before hauling your heavy equipment. A trucking company should have the insurance coverage necessary to safeguard their stretch trailers, flatbed trucks, and specialty equipment as well as adequate protection against loss or damage to the property they’re transporting. They will also have trained loaders to handle all the heavy lifting and secure your equipment properly.


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