Are you looking for a reliable way to carry non-standard or oversized loads? Conestoga trailers have a unique and versatile design that makes them perfect for transporting everything from heavy machinery to steel and lumber products. Below, the heavy haul trucking experts at Rojac Trucking of Wailuku, HI, share more about these trailers and their many uses. 

Your Guide to Conestoga Trailers


The first recorded use of the Conestoga trailer dates back to the 18th century. Native American in name and origin, the Conestoga was first used by German settlers in Lancaster County, PA, as a type of covered wagon. It has since evolved into an extremely versatile vehicle that makes it easier than ever to load, move, and unload freight. 

Build & Design

heavy haul trucking Wailuku HIConestoga trailers offer one of the most efficient and secure methods of transporting large, heavy, or unusually shaped loads. Their design includes both front and rear bows, which create a smooth, stable ride. They are also equipped with speed locks that prevent the truck from losing control. Uplift bows along the length of the trailer allow for plenty of overhead clearance, while bulkheads help to reinforce the cargo and lock it into place. The trailer is then covered with a panelized tarp to hide the bows and protect the load from the elements.

Uses & Benefits

When it comes to heavy haul trucking, Conestoga trailers are used to carry many kinds of loads, especially items that might not fit in a standard trailer. For instance, they are ideal for transporting pallets, machinery, steel, and lumber. Since the tarp is removable, the cargo can be unloaded from multiple angles, instead of through one main door as with a standard trailer. These units are low-maintenance and easy to operate, and with routine inspections, will continue to safely move freight for many years. 

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