Sewer lines serve a crucial function in any home, carrying away wastewater and ensuring the property is safe and sanitary. Properly caring for these lines will prevent the need for frequent sewer cleanings and repairs. Below are a few do’s and don'ts to bear in mind for optimal sewer line maintenance.


Run the garbage disposal with the water on.

Each time you put something down the kitchen sink garbage disposal, ensure the water is running and entering the drain prior to switching the unit on. Water lubricates the internal parts of the disposal mechanism and creates extra force to push food waste through the sewer line. This helps the unit work more efficiently and prevents clogs and backups.

Use a drain screen.

Sewer Cleaning

A drain screen is a piece of wire mesh that fits securely over a drain opening, and it provides a sturdy barrier for preventing larger food scraps and other waste from entering the sewer line. Use drain screens in both kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as in the tub and shower.


Pour chemicals down the drain.

Drains are designed to carry water and waste materials and not much else. Caustic chemicals can easily damage pipes, so they should always be disposed of in environmentally safe ways as stipulated on the product label. And don't use liquid drain or sewer cleaning products to clear clogs. They contain chemicals like lye and hydrochloric acid, which can eat away at the pipes. If you need your pipes cleared, contact a sewer cleaning professional.

Try to repair the lines on your own.

Sewer repairs are complex, highly specialized work that should be left to professionals. A simple clog may require digging up the line or using trenchless repair methods, and these are tasks that only plumbing and sewer technicians are skilled in. Tackling this work on your own could result in a worsening of the problem, higher repair costs, and a mess.


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