Paintings can add style and character to a home, but sometimes you don't have the space to display all your art. One-of-a-kind pieces are irreplaceable and hold a lot of sentimental value, so protect and preserve them when it's time to put them in storage. Take these steps when packing, moving, and storing your paintings to ensure they stay in top condition.

How Can You Store Paintings Safely?

1. Store Them Upright & Facing Each Other

If you're putting multiple paintings in storage and not using individual boxes, ensure they are standing face-to-face. This prevents the hooks on the backs of the frames from sliding and ripping or causing damage to other artworks. When carrying a piece, face it toward your body to protect the canvas from being bumped or torn.


Always store and transport the paintings vertically to keep them secure. When they're laid flat, an object can fall on top of them and tear the canvas. Too much weight on stacked frames can cause them to collapse. Put separators, like cardboard, between the artworks to prevent them from damaging each other when they're being moved.

2. Pack to Minimize Contact

Minimizing a painting's contact with humans and air will preserve the paint and oils used and protect the canvas from water damage and dust. Wrap it in plastic or pack it in its own box. Use packing materials, such as bubble wrap, to ensure a snug fit in any packing box.

3. Protect the Glass

Broken glass from your frame can cost you money when it comes time to replace it, but it can also cause damage to the paintings. Apply glass or painter's tape in the shape of a star to the glass before putting the pieces into storage. You can also store them without their frames as unframed artwork can safely fit into fewer crates.


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