Spring is here with longer days and warmer weather. It also means it's just about time to turn on the air conditioner. However, since it hasn't been used in several months, you might find yourself in need of an air conditioning contractor not long after you switch from heating to cooling. Whether it's a simple solution or you need professional help, it pays to be proactive before the first heatwave arrives.

What Causes AC Problems in Early Spring? 

1. Dirty Air Filter

The most common reason air conditioners don't efficiently cool the air or maintain enough airflow is a clogged filter. When dirt, dust, and debris build up on its screen, air can't get through, reducing the power and efficiency of the system. Over time, a dirty filter can also affect indoor air quality and cause an evaporator coil to freeze, which requires major repairs. 

Since most HVAC systems use the same air filter for heating and cooling, keeping an eye on it is a year-round task. Changing the filter once per season or based on the recommendation of your air conditioning contractor will prevent airflow and indoor air quality problems. If any family members have severe allergies or respiratory issues, check the filter monthly to ensure more consistent cleanliness.

2. Refrigerant Leak 

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Weak connections, faulty valves, and corrosion that occurs over the winter can all cause refrigerant leaks. When this happens, the system won't produce any cool air, and its efficiency will decrease, causing a spike in power usage as the system works harder to keep up. 

Leaking refrigerant can also cause ice on the indoor coils and damage the outdoor compressor. If you suspect a leak, call an air conditioning contractor to seal it and replace the lost refrigerant. 

3. Clogged Drain Line

The moisture collected by your air conditioner typically drains through your home's plumbing system or a secondary drain pan connected to the HVAC system. When the system isn't in use over the winter, algae can grow in the drain line, engaging the system's shutoff switch when the drain pan fills up.

Water may also leak onto the floor, which can facilitate mold growth and cause someone to fall. If you spot signs of a leak or backup, a contractor can clear the line and prevent damage. 


Scheduling a spring tuneup for your HVAC system will take care of these common issues before they become major problems. Turn to Anderson Automatic Heating & Cooling of Cincinnati, OH, to get your system in top shape for summer cooling without any hassles. This team of expert air conditioning contractors has served area homeowners for over 85 years with a commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction. In addition to seasonal HVAC services, they also provide repairs and replacements to a wide range of heating and cooling systems. Learn more about their services on their website or call (513) 574-0005 to make an appointment.