If you’re heading out on a fishing charter, bring all the necessary tools. Lures are essential for making a catch, and there’s a wide selection to explore. Some are better for certain fish or fishing styles, and this guide will tell you all the details to ensure you’re using the right one.

4 Fishing Lures & Their Uses

1. Jigs

This option has a weight at one end and a loose, jiggling tail at the other. The hook is concealed inside. Jigs sink easily, making them ideal for catching bottom-feeders, like cod and haddock, that are swimming far below the surface. Cast it out, and let it sink until your line goes slack. Then tip your rod up, reel in a little, and continue.

2. Spoons

fishingThis type of lure features a curved, spoon-like piece of metal that helps it shimmer and wriggle in the water, making it look like an injured fish. The larger the spoon, the greater the wiggle. After you cast, let it sink 10 to 20 feet below the zone where your fish are so that it can settle and wriggle naturally.

3. Flies

Best used for fly fishing, this lure resembles insects and other small prey that jump on the surface of the water. Flies are carefully crafted and best for catching fish that feed at the surface, like mackerel and herring.

4. Plugs

Also known as crankbaits, plugs are hard lures shaped like smaller prey fish. A thin, moveable sheet on the tip helps the plug wiggle in the water so that it looks alive. Most of these lures will float on the surface, and you can attract fish by reeling and pulling quickly; then letting it sit for a moment.


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