A playground provides a fun and safe way for children to spend time outdoors while being active. However, it is vulnerable to problems caused by the snow, ice, and changing temperatures associated with winter. The season's conditions also affect the playground chips, but keeping up with the following maintenance steps will ensure the structure and its materials stay in good shape.

How to Care for an Outdoor Playground During Winter

1. Inspect Surfacing

Surfacing refers to the material used for the structure's foundation, such as playground chips. During the winter, it's one of the most susceptible areas since the frigid conditions will cause it to freeze and thaw, eventually condensing and hardening. To prevent needing to replace the surfacing, inspect it before and after winter storms. You should also keep the material covered during the colder months.

2. Pay Attention to Snow and Ice Buildup

Playground Chips

Most children love to play with snow. However, the icy substance can damage the playground and create unsafe conditions that lead to injuries. To prevent such problems, frequently inspect the structure for snow and ice buildup.

If you spot snow in the area, remove it before it gets too heavy. Otherwise, it could cause something to break. You should also remove any icy substances on playground steps, as they can create slipping hazards.

3. Take Care of the Hardware

Although you should replace broken or displaced hardware pieces throughout the year, this measure is especially important during winter. During this season, children wear clothing that can get stuck or snagged on broken hardware. The changing temperatures can cause pieces to move out of place as the metal expands and contracts, so stay vigilant of such potential problems.


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