Landscaping offers seemingly unlimited creativity. When it comes to materials, you have a wide range of options, including sand. It has many uses, ranging from functional to aesthetic. Here are several ways to use this affordable material for your next project.

How to Use Sand in Landscaping

1. Kid’s Play Area


If you’re creating a play area for your children, start with a sand base. Build up a frame a few inches deep and fill it with the material. It creates a soft, shock-absorbent surface for children to play on safely. You can easily set up a play place or other fixtures on it. Sand is also great for playing with; children can dig, build, and use their toys creatively on the surface.

2. Filler

Homeowners that are adding a paver hardscape know that there will be small cracks between each stone. Unsightly weeds may grow in these cracks, and they also leave space for the pavers to shift over time. However, you can fill cracks with sand. The small granules will easily fill the tightest crevice. Collectively, they’re then small enough to hold the pavers in place to create a stable surface, and they’ll prevent weeds from growing.

3. Concrete

Another functional perk of sand is that it can be used to make concrete. This is because it’s so coarse. You can then use the concrete to make all sorts of installations. For example, you can pour a patio, build a retaining wall and stairs, or create walkways.


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