A car’s dashboard lights up when there’s an issue with one of the parts. Some signals don’t need immediate attention and may only remind you of minor maintenance tasks like filling up your windshield washer fluid. However, your dashboard also has symbol lights that indicate serious trouble if you don’t bring the car to an auto repair shop. The following guide lists some lights that you shouldn't ignore.

What Kind of Dashboard Lights Should You Never Ignore?

1. Battery Charging Alert

This icon can appear when your battery isn’t charged enough. Some possible causes include a damaged battery cable or a faulty charging system. The battery might also be running low on power. While you could still keep driving, it’s best to visit an auto repair shop so that a mechanic can determine the issue. The battery might not have enough juice left to start again once you turn it off. 

2. Temperature/Coolant Warning

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A lit-up temperature symbol means that your car is overheating. It either doesn't have enough coolant to maintain your engine, or the coolant is also too hot. Once you see this signal, the car should be turned off and given time to cool down. The pistons or cylinder walls could permanently warp and deform from the extreme heat if you keep the vehicle running. 

3. Brake Trouble

The brake lights typically turn on when your handbrake is engaged. Otherwise, there may be a brake system problem. One of the parts might be damaged, or there could be a brake fluid leak. Driving with low fluid levels is extremely dangerous since the solution creates pressure in your brake pads that’ll slow the car down. It’s safer to have the car towed to an auto repair shop instead of driving there with faulty brakes. 


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