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About IQ Computer Services

Affordable Computer Solutions for Home and Small Business

IQ Computer Services in Alexandria, Virginia is the company you call when something goes wrong with your computer. Instead of panicking about a virus on your laptop, worrying that your computer hardware is broken, or feeling like you can’t get anything done on your slow computer, relax, and call these computer service repair specialists. The professionals at IQ Computer Services provide on-site and remote services based upon the specific problem with your device, and are relied upon by both home users and small businesses in and around Northern Virginia.

Remote support services from IQ provide help for busy individuals whose needs can be addressed without hands-on repair work. The experts at IQ can connect to your computer through the Internet to diagnose and repair the problem. Whether you choose this time-saving option, or on-site computer repair, you’ll be able to take advantage of services like laptop screen repair or virus removal. Other common concerns that IQ Computer Services addresses are slow computers in need of faster processing, computer upgrading, improving RAM memory, or installing a larger hard drive.

This may sound like expensive work, but IQ Computer Services boasts affordable prices. Computer hardware repair, including stuck buttons, overheating, and startup errors, are included in the Fix My PC package. 

Sometimes, you don’t know what’s wrong with your computer, but you can tell that something’s not quite right. Diagnostic services are reasonably priced and include realistic recommendations for how to best restore your PC’s normal function. IQ’s data backup helps you secure all of your information, photos, and more in case something does damage your computer in the future; it includes one free restore from back up.

Stop panicking, and start finding a solution. IQ Computer Services is a local business run by knowledgeable and trustworthy computer repair specialists. Get computer support today by calling the office at (703) 594-7271 or emailing one of the experts at