A cracked windshield is not only unsightly, but it can create unsafe traveling conditions for drivers. While most auto glass damage occurs unexpectedly, there are steps you can take to prevent chips, nicks, and cracks. The following tips can help you reduce the risk of needing windshield repairs or replacement. 

How to Avoid a Cracked Windshield

1. Monitor Weather Reports

Volatile weather contributes to auto glass damage, so check news reports before taking your vehicle for a drive. Avoid leaving a car outside amidst dangerous conditions, such as storms with hail and strong winds. Hailstones can fall at high speeds, damaging car glass—sometimes beyond repair. Heavy wind sends trash, twigs, tree branches, and other debris flying through the air, and it could also cause trees to fall and crush your windshield. If you encounter severe inclement weather when driving, look for a safe, covered place to pull over and park until the storm passes.

2. Bypass Construction Areas

cracked windshield

Rocks and gravel are top causes of windshield damage, and construction sites are prime locations to encounter these types of debris. As heavy equipment, moving vehicles, and crew members maneuver and work in demolition and construction areas, materials can get kicked up and become glass-cracking projectiles. 

Take an alternate route to lower the risk of damage to your vehicle. If you have no choice but to drive through these zones, travel slowly to lessen the impact if your car windows are hit.

3. Stay Away From Big Rigs

If you're driving on a highway, stay away from tractor-trailers as much as possible. Semi-trucks are notorious for kicking up road debris because they have several larger tires compared to cars. The amount and size of the wheels increase the odds of pebbles and gravel striking vehicles behind them, and one rogue rock can result in a cracked windshield. 

When you are driving behind a big rig, stay safe by traveling slowly and keeping a distance of at least one second for every 10 feet of truck length; this equals about four seconds per truck. If you drive faster than 40 mph, leave an additional second's worth of distance.


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