A cracked windshield is more than an aesthetic issue — over time, cracks in your windshield can widen and lengthen, leading to further damage. Prolonging windshield repair can increase the likelihood of your windshield shattering completely. To prevent your windshield from sustaining damage on the road, here are a few proactive steps you can take to protect your vehicle. 

How to Avoid Windshield Damage

1. Maintain a Safe Driving Distance

cracked windshield

Cracked windshields commonly occur after rocks or debris have been kicked up by the tires of cars in front of you and land on your windshield. By avoiding following too closely behind other cars, you’re less likely to be hit by any debris that they may run over. As you drive, you can also choose quieter streets with fewer cars or avoid roads with loose pavement, potholes, or gravel.

2. Drive the Speed Limit

When debris hits your windshield, the force of impact is determined by both the speed of the object and the speed of your car. If you refrain from speeding and adhere to local speed limits, a rock or other item may not hit your windshield as hard. As you drive, be sure to slow down if you see a lot of rocks on the road.

3. Remain Mindful of Major Temperature Changes

Another major cause of cracked windshields is a sudden temperature change. Some materials — including windshield glass — expand or contract as temperatures rapidly rise and fall. For example, never use hot water to remove ice from a windshield; instead, use a rubbing alcohol solution and an ice scraper. 


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