Although fixing a small chip or hairline crack in your car window might seem simple, auto glass repair is a complex process. Without the right tools and training, you could unknowingly weaken the integrity of the entire panel or even cause greater damage to your vehicle. If you still aren’t sure whether you should hire a professional, consider these issues DIYers commonly face while trying to repair damaged auto glass.   

3 Consequences of DIY Auto Glass Repair

1. You Can Create Additional Damage

You might not have all the necessary tools to perform auto glass repair safely. Fixing a damaged windshield, for example, might require removing it from the car. If you don’t have the pull handles to hold the glass, you could lose your grip and drop it, getting seriously injured. After the glass is removed, you’ll need supports to stabilize the roof. Otherwise, it could cave in, requiring extensive, costly auto work to fix.

2. The Glass Can Shatter

auto-glass-repairAs a simple fix, you might be tempted to use a sealant to fill in the chip or crack. If you don’t use a solution formulated for your specific type of glass and its temperature, the seal won’t hold. Moisture and dirt can get into the opening, causing the break to spread. Fluctuating temperatures could also make the damage worse. If road debris or other items come into contact with the weak glass, the entire panel could shatter. 

3. You Might Apply the Wrong Solution

Not all cracks and chips are the same, which means you might not use the right solution for the type of break in your windshield or car windows. If you’re replacing the entire windshield, you might purchase the incorrect windshield size. Even a slight difference in size or shape could result in vehicle issues. A professional will conduct a thorough inspection to determine what type of fracture is in the glass. With prior experience, they’ll know what steps to take to correct the specific issue and provide a long-lasting repair. 



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