White paint is a popular and versatile choice for home interiors, but this timeless color comes in a range of beautiful shades that can make a decision tricky. Before you reach out to a painting contractor, learn more about the versatility of white and how to choose the right version for your home.

What Are the Different Shades of White Paint?

Cool whites have gray and blue undertones. They add a clean and crisp finish to any room and are particularly popular in modern homes. On the other end of the temperature spectrum, warm whites have red, orange, and yellow undertones. They’re typically creamier and create a welcoming atmosphere that's especially popular in more traditional homes.

Neutral whites have a slight undertone of gray and yellow but are closer to pure white than other shades. They're bright and energizing, making them an ideal choice for a productive space like a home office.

How Should You Choose?

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Before selecting a shade of white for any given room, take a moment to consider the palette of the space. Examine furnishings and other accessories and ask yourself: Are these colors warm, cool, or neutral? For a cozier palette, opt for warm white paint; for a cooler palette, head in the other direction. 

For a room full of neutral shades, it’s best to opt for a warmer white that enlivens the place or makes it more welcoming. Overall, it’s important to remember that furniture and paint are complementary elements, so creating a warm or cool space means ensuring the two are working together.

It’s also key to assess the amount of natural and artificial light in the room. Neutral whites are best in rooms where there’s a lot of natural light; otherwise, they might be too harsh. 

To go a step further, consider the location of the room. North-facing rooms will have colder light, so a warmer shade might balance that out. Conversely, a south-facing room will have yellower light, so a cooler shade might tone down the glare. For rooms with less natural light, your painting contractor might recommend warm or cool shades that will add more pigment to the space.

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