Businesses depend heavily on suppliers to provide quality materials in the right quantity. Steel is a common raw material in construction, and its constant availability is crucial for builders and engineers, making the role of steel distributor vital to the supply chain. Here’s how it works.

The Importance of the Distributor

A steel distributor or metal service center makes it easier for businesses to purchase and stock up on steel. It also keeps detailed inventories of commonly used materials in the market. These practices save companies from the stress of going through preprocessing procedures, long wait times, and additional costs for rushed deliveries. Moreover, should there be a change in overall steel supply, a distributor can provide competitively priced materials. Its value is also in its quality of work.

The Distribution Processsteel distributor

As a service center, a steel distributor makes sure it has enough stock of steel or other related materials to meet demand. To do so, it has to understand how businesses work on their projects, what their standard requirements are, and what they could need in the future. Moreover, it strives to provide more value-added services to its clients. These services save their clients from the trouble of dealing with multiple providers. If they require more materials or fabrication services, they only need to consult with one metal service center for all their needs.

Value-Added Services


Metals are cut to standard measurements. With this service, a steel distributor can adjust the length of steel according to the specifications set by the client. This is a cost-effective and time-efficient service as the client can get custom-sized materials.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Burning

This process requires specialized equipment to cut through thick steel. It involves burning and quickly slicing the metal according to the client’s required measurements.


Shearing, also called sheet metal cutting, involves a quick downward blow. The process is also used for cutting metal sheets into small pieces.


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