Structural steel is a popular building material for bridges, skyscrapers, and industrial buildings, but its uses aren’t limited to large, municipal projects. It has several advantages that make it ideal for any construction project. Here’s a quick look at some advantages of this durable material and how it can benefit your next endeavor.

Benefits of Structural Steel for Construction

1. Cost-Effective

Structural steel saves money, starting in the construction phase. Since you can purchase materials like I-beams that are already cut to exact specifications, you save money in both time and labor. With pre-cut steel, you also don’t have to worry about on-site sawing or welding, which means fewer hours of paid labor, decreased chances of accidents, and faster completion time. Later, steel structures save money in maintenance costs thanks to their durability.

Structural Steel2. Lightweight

Prefabricated steel is lightweight, which means transporting or lifting it by crane requires less fuel than it does for other materials. It seems illogical, but steel weighs less than wood. A 2x4 of steel and a 2x4 of wood weigh the same due to density, but a frame made of steel I-beams is lighter and more durable than wood or concrete. Structural steel I-beams are so strong that they reduce the need for numerous support structures without compromising stability.

3. Sustainable

Ninety-eight percent of steel is recycled into other items. Equally as impressive, steel can be recycled numerous times without degradation. It’s made up of 93.3% recycled material, and even its production is eco-friendly. The process of making steel has changed over the years, making its production easier on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions from steel production have reduced by 45% since 1975.


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