Homeowners insurance protects one of your most valuable investments—your house. It helps you pay for repairs if your belongings or a part of your home gets damaged from incidents like electrical fires or natural disasters. Here are some common events that prompt homeowners insurance claims. 

What Are Some Common Homeowners Insurance Claims?

1. Wind & Hail

One in 40 insured homes files a claim for wind and hail damage every year. This typically covers destruction brought by natural weather conditions, such as thunderstorms and hurricanes. Damage by these disasters can be extensive and costly and difficult for many homeowners to resolve without insurance.  

2. Fire & Lightning

homeowners insuranceFires tend to impact multiple systems inside the home, including plumbing, electricity, and telecommunications. A fire can also leave behind smoke damage that makes the home unlivable, even if most of the structure is still intact. Moreover, the cost of relocation during rebuilding can also add up without the right insurance policy. 

3. Liability 

Having liability coverage doesn't directly protect your house, but it does cover you, the homeowner, from expenses that result if someone gets hurt on your property. If your dog bites a guest or their vehicle gets damaged from a fallen tree in your yard, you could be held liable. With homeowners liability insurance, you’re covered in these situations.


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