Distracted driving refers to texting, talking on the phone, eating, playing, or otherwise losing focus while behind the wheel. This habit is highly dangerous, and if you’re suspected of engaging in it, you could face an increase in your auto insurance rates. The following guide explains why this is so and offers tips to avoid this problem while on the road.

What’s the Connection Between Distracted Driving & Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance premiums are based on a variety of elements, from your age to your driving record. All of these factors combined are used to give the company a sense of how likely you are to engage in risky behaviors and ultimately cost them money by filing a claim. Getting a ticket for distracted driving could lead to an increase in your premiums, as it gives the insurance provider reason to believe you’re more likely to get into an accident. 

How Can You Prevent Distracted Driving?

auto insuranceThe easiest and most effective way to avoid distracted driving is to handle all outside tasks before you get on the road. This means sending any text messages, setting up your navigation system, and eating any snacks before you start driving. 

If you find it hard to restrain yourself from becoming distracted while behind the wheel, limit the temptation by keeping devices out of reach. For example, put your phone in the glove compartment to avoid distractions from notifications. 

If you do need to send a message or have a snack, don’t try to multi-task. Instead, pull over when it’s safe to do so, and only get back on the road when you’re finished. 


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