As the business world evolves, more and more services are being transferred to an online platform. From larger corporations to mom-and-pop shops, every organization, no matter how small, is a potential target of cybercriminals that are dedicated to stealing money, customer data, or trade information. The cybersecurity risks posed by hackers and data thieves are always evolving, so companies of every size need to be on constant alert against new threats and techniques. If you are considering upgrading your online security, make sure you are aware of the following cybersecurity risks that you may face.

4 Common Cybersecurity Risks

1. Your Employees

While outside actors are always a source of concern, your employees and contractors are the most severe cybersecurity risk. A disgruntled one can access and download sensitive data themselves, but more often, they make a simple mistake that jeopardizes your entire network. E-mail phishing scams and telemarketer fraud can all give cybercriminals access to your servers. Making sure your workers know how to use the internet safely is an essential cybersecurity step you can take.

2. Ransomware

cybersecurity Ripley, WVRansomware is an especially destructive type of virus, usually downloaded accidentally by an employee. These programs encrypt your vital information, which can only be un-encrypted after you pay a ransom. In many cases, companies without backups have had no choice but to pay tens of thousands of dollars or wipe their entire networks. This is why you need to have relevant information backed up in multiple locations, with at least one of those not being connected to internet service.

3. Uneven Security Measures

Hackers are incredibly resourceful and will carefully examine every aspect of your network to find vulnerabilities. Security upgrades need to include every server, computer, and piece of software, and you should check the protocols of other providers before allowing them access to your system. When you make updates or purchase new equipment, make sure to upgrade or install cybersecurity measures.

4. Buggy Programs

Many popular pieces of business software come with vulnerabilities, which can be easily exploited by hackers and bots. Upgrading every installation of your software can be inconvenient, but the process is not as disruptive as a malware infection or data theft. You need to invest in quality materials that aren’t prone to defects or malfunctions.


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