Getting in a car accident is something no motorist wants to experience. However, when collisions happen, having a reliable auto insurance policy can help you avoid severe legal consequences, as well as the costs associated with car repairs and injuries. Know what to do when you need to file a claim with your car insurance provider. To help you navigate this process, here are a few essential steps to take after a collision.

How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

1. Put Safety First

After an accident occurs, stay calm. If you’re injured, call for help and don’t move. If you aren’t injured, check on other passengers as well as those in other cars, if the conditions are safe. You shouldn’t disturb the scene of the accident, but you should put out emergency flares or hazard triangles to alert others. If possible, move all involved parties away from traffic.

2. Call the Police

Even if you believe you are at fault for the collision, don’t admit liability. Doing so could implicate you when other factors you’re unaware of may have contributed to the accident. Instead, call law enforcement to investigate the scene and file a police report. This data can help verify your future claim.

3. Contact Your Insurance Provider

auto insuranceAfter you’ve called the police, call your auto insurance company to alert them of the accident. This step starts the claims process. During the call, your agent will provide instructions on how to appropriately handle the situation.

4. Exchange Information & Document the Incident

Trade identification and insurance information with all other involved drivers. This helps your insurance provider know who to contact. Also, take photos of the accident — including all cars involved — to provide evidence to support resulting claims. If you need medical assistance, keep all related records because insurance benefits may help cover the cost of care.

5. Work With an Adjuster

If you are not at fault or have comprehensive insurance, make an appointment with an adjuster. Insurance adjusters provide an in-depth inspection of the damage to determine what the claim can cover, such as auto repairs and bodywork.


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