Riding a motorcycle is exciting. However, if this is your first time purchasing or driving a bike, there are a few factors to keep in mind so you and other drivers stay safe on the road. Motorcycle insurance providers suggest the following tips to make your rides fun, memorable, and secure. 

How to Stay Safe as a New Motorcycle Owner

1. Consider Bike Size

For your first motorcycle, look at models that are smaller and easier to handle. As you shop around, ask about engine horsepower and torque, particularly if you plan to commute long distances.

Test out several bikes to find your preferred comfort zone. Resist the temptation of being talked into getting a motorcycle that doesn’t fit your riding and safety needs. 

2. Get Anti-Lock Brakes

Proper braking on a motorcycle helps maintain safe distances between other vehicles. Strongly consider bikes that come equipped with anti-lock brakes. These mechanisms help keep you stable while braking.

It also helps prevent the wheels from locking if you need to abruptly stop. As an added incentive, many motorcycle insurance providers offer discounts on premiums if you have anti-lock brakes. 

3. Wear the Right Gear

insuranceYour riding gear should include a durable helmet that protects your head and face and is comfortable.

Invest in a pair of weather-resistant gloves and a leather jacket to protect you from the elements, too. 

4. Take a Motorcycle Riding Course

It’s worth the time and investment to take a motorcycle riding course. The best ones teach you how to become familiar with your bike’s components, including gear shifting and braking.

You’ll also learn the proper way to turn, stop and make lane changes. The instruction can help you be a safer driver, and, as a bonus, many motorcycle insurance providers offer discounted rates if you successfully pass the course. 


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