Auto insurance protects you from all the hazards present on the road, but that doesn’t mean that you should pay more for this coverage than necessary. Fortunately, while many of the factors influencing your insurance rates are outside of your control, there are several steps you can take to minimize coverage costs without sacrificing your level of protection. Below are a few tips for lowering your auto insurance bill.

A Guide to Cutting Car Insurance Costs

1. Take a Safe Driver Course

Many insurers offer substantial discounts to drivers who complete an approved safe driver course. You can often complete these online through your local Bureau/Department of Motor Vehicles. Not only do these programs reduce your premiums, but they can also give you the skills to keep accidents from happening in the first place.

2. Shop Around

Each insurance company has its own formula for calculating rates and risk, so prices often vary from one carrier to the next. Whether you’re renewing your policy or buying a vehicle for the first time, comparing rates between several different carriers can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

3. Get Quotes Before Buying a Car

auto insurance Lexington, KYThe average cost of repairs and the safety features installed in your vehicle also affect your insurance rates. This is why some cars are so much more expensive to insure, such as sports cars or foreign models. If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, get insurance quotes for each vehicle that you’re considering, as well as similar models from other manufacturers.

4. Avoid Tickets

Auto insurance companies assume that drivers with a history of accidents and tickets are more likely to cause an accident. Because of this, you’re considered “high risk,” and your monthly premiums will be more expensive. Even one to two tickets can trigger dramatically higher rates, which is another excellent reason to avoid speeding and texting behind the wheel.


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