With summer almost here, many boaters are looking forward to getting out on the water. If you recently purchased a watercraft and are shopping for boat insurance, making the right selection is crucial to keeping you protected. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for insurance. 

4 FAQ About Boat Insurance

Am I obligated to insure my boat?

In Kentucky, liability insurance for boats is not mandatory like it is for road vehicles. However, boaters are still encouraged to purchase suitable policies. Boat coverage protects your vessel, yourself, your passengers, any belongings, and can also safeguard against liability issues. 

How does boat insurance work?

boat insuranceIf you’re considered at fault for an accident, liability insurance will pay for injuries or damage occurring to third parties. Collision coverage pays for damage to your boat regardless of cause, while comprehensive coverage pays for damage from situations other than collisions, such as theft and vandalism.

You can also secure coverage for your medical bills, damage to your personal property, and damage caused by uninsured or underinsured boaters. 

How are costs calculated?

Your premiums will be calculated based on several factors. The type of boat you own is considered, including how powerful the engine is. A more powerful motor will reach higher speeds, increasing the risks associated with your boat. Where you live, the body of water you plan to use your boat, and how much coverage you are purchasing will also play a role. 

Should I cancel my policy during the off-season?

Your boat is still at risk when it’s being stored. If you cancel your policy, any damage caused by theft, vandalism, or even the weather will be your responsibility. As a result, it’s best to keep your plan in place even when it’s not boating season.


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