When your teen gets their license, you’ll likely feel a mix of excitement and apprehension. However, to ease your worries and protect them, you should invest in a quality car and auto insurance. If you’re feeling overwhelmed when navigating these industries, below is more information to help you make the best decisions for your teen.

What Factors Should You Consider?

As a new driver, experiencing a breakdown is both stressful and inconvenient. Plus, if your teen will be covering the costs that come with the vehicle, frequent repairs will add up quickly. Before you purchase a car, check its reliability rating. When buying a vehicle from a private seller, ask for its full history, maintenance records, and an auto inspection before finalizing the purchase.

Also, look for vehicles that have safety features to help your teen as they learn about driving. For example, many modern cars have blind-spot detection, side curtain air bags, and rear-view cameras that help them avoid potential accidents. Even if your teen gets an older car without these features, it’s affordable and valuable to add them on. 

auto insuranceLastly, consider the size of the vehicle. While a large pickup truck might protect your teen in an accident, they can be expensive and challenging to maneuver. Alternatively, while small cars are easy to maneuver, they don't do as well in crash tests. Thus, a midsize SUV might offer them the most safety, affordability, and maneuverability.

Should You Add a Teen to Your Insurance Or Buy a Separate Policy?

Typically, adding a teen to your current auto insurance policy is more affordable than getting them a new one. However, doing so will come come with additional expenses and considerations. Your rates will likely go up because younger drivers are a high-risk group for providers. You may also need to upgrade your liability limits if you have minimum coverage. This is because it might not cover all of the associated costs during an accident. 

Also, ask your auto insurance agency about any discounts that they offer for teens. For example, certain providers will reduce rates for teens with a strong academic record or those who attend and graduate from a safe driving course. These options will keep your rates manageable and also provide more protection for your teen.


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