Thanks to local garbage collection services, you don’t have to figure out what to do with all the waste you produce at home. However, the outdoor trash cans may hold on to food remnants and bacteria, attracting pests and making your environment less healthy. The best way to prevent such problems is to clean your outdoor trash cans. The following guide explains how.

How to Clean an Outdoor Trash Can

Cleaning a trash can begins with getting rid of the waste so that there's nothing left to spread bacteria or draw pests. It's an easier task if you first lay the can on its side and spray a garden hose inside until most of the grime has washed away. After that, you can dip a broom or long-handled scrub brush into a bucket of vinegar and dish detergent to scour the inside of the trash can. 

If you see any dirt or grime on the trash can’s exterior, it can also be washed with the vinegar and dish detergent solution. Once everything has been scrubbed, a final rinse of the whole can wraps up the job. Keeping the lid open for a few hours will help it dry before it's time to place trash inside. 

How to Keep It Clean

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Since they’re used for waste disposal, it may not be possible to keep trash cans pristine all the time. However, you can reduce the odds that it will get that messy again.

For example, to prevent trash bags from leaking or opening in the can, you should take them out before they’re bulging and too overstuffed to hold their contents. It's best if they’re tied or sealed firmly, too.

Though it seems convenient to toss your fast food bag into the can on your way into the house, try to resist the temptation. Putting loose trash into the can not only soils it but also makes it more challenging for trash collectors to dump and transport it. It's better to bag all the trash before throwing it away. Either way, try to avoid putting trash bags in the can when it’s wet from rain, snow, or sprinklers, as moisture facilitates fungal and bacterial growth from the waste.

After weekly garbage collection, consider rinsing and spraying sanitizer into the can and leaving it open to dry. It wouldn’t hurt to spray some sanitizer on the can every night as well.


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