Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology
990 Belvedere Dr., Ste. C, Lebanon, OH 45036

About Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dedicated to Women's Health

About 25+ years ago, Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology began with a single office. The women’s health clinic is now expanded to three different locations and boasts a total of 10 skilled physicians. With offices in Middletown, Lebanon and West Chester, OH, Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology thrives as a top-quality female healthcare practice that strives to make women’s lives happier and healthier.

The mission of Hilltop lies in offering women of all ages the best possible medical care in a professional and caring manner. The doctors rank maintaining a trustworthy relationship with patients as one of the most important aspects of good healthcare. Open and honest communication is a priority, and patients come first when it comes to their healthcare and livelihood.

With a range of different women’s health services, Hilltop focuses on both the physical and mental health of women. In its obstetrics services, the practice provides prenatal care that includes routine appointments, diagnostic testing, and a close monitor of the baby’s health before and during delivery. For our pregnant moms, we offer gender determination ultrasound scans starting at 16 weeks.

The gynecology center at Hilltop recommends that all patients receive annual preventative care to ensure the health of the female reproductive organs. Hilltop’s gynecologists will treat patients of all ages for menstrual disorders, pelvic pain, infections (including STDs),and many other disorders. For the convenience of our patients we also offer in-office ablations and Essures (incision free sterilization). The practice offers a variety of in-patent and outpatient surgeries to keep patients in the best health possible. Many of our physicians are trained on the DaVinci robot, which offers shorter hospital stays and faster recovery.

If you would like to become a patient at Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology, please call the office at (513) 424-1440. You can call one number to schedule an appointment at any of our three locations in Lebanon, West Chester, or Middletown. We also offer a secure patient portal for the convenience of our patients. We know how busy everyone is and we want to make getting in touch with your doctor as simple as possible. You can find a link in the upper right corner of our website.

After you are registered, you have the ability to request an appointment or prescription refill, ask a questions, or review test results, all from the convenience of your laptop, cell phone, or tablet. We still request our patients call for urgent matters. The practice recommends arriving at your first appointment 15 minutes early to have documents scanned (we need a copy of a current photo ID and your insurance card) and to get settled in. We accept most major insurances, but we always recommend you check with your insurance first.

We hope you will choose to become part of the Hilltop family. We look forward to hearing from you!